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Handcrafted American Made Vodka

Hollywood Green Botanical Vodka's exquisite infusion of elderflower and woodruff flowers elevates this premium vodka to stardom.

Vodka may be the most common distilled spirit, but not ours. Its popularity comes from the general characteristic that it has no discernible or distinct flavor or smell. This allows our ingredients to become the focal point. Come step into the limelight.

We Add Organically Grown Elder Flowers

Our botanicals come from our North American partners and add a uniquely but extremely light green sweet taste. Enough to bring a edge to this vodka that makes the others green with envy.

This addition of sweet woodruff immediately permeates our mystical vodka with its rich fragrance, a scent somewhere between marzipan, almonds and amaretto. Providing a distinct flavor that is nothing like any other vodka you have tasted before.

Vapor Infused with Wooddruff and elder Flowers
No Artificial Flavors No Sugar
0 Grams of Protien 0 Carbs
0 Grams of Fat
Choice Is Yours

Vodka Recipes to Inspire

We have come up with some great ways to enjoy Hollywood Green Botanicals Vodka. Don't Stop here though. We are certain you will find other ways to inspire and be the star of the party.

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Handcrafted American Made Vodka


Drink Responsibly

While you are enjoying your Hollywood Green Botanical Vodka responsibly and in moderation.
Did you know about these unique facts about vodka?

  • Vodka is a natural disinfectant and antiseptic. It can be used to treat toothaces, clean wounds, and clean your house.
  • Vodka can increase blood-flow and circulation in your body which can prevents clots, strokes, and other heart diseases.
  • We already mentioned how vodka can soothe toothaches, but swishing a shot of it can help combat bad breath as well.
  • You may have heard that red vino is a natural relaxer, but it's nothing compared to vodka, which studies have showin to relieve tension better than wine.
  • Out of your go-to facial cleanse? Vodka acts as a natural astringent or toner, and due to its disinfectant properties, can deep-clean your pores.
  • Unlike beer or wine, a shot of vodka can actually reduce blood sugar levels. This is most effective when taken straight, so order it neat or on the rocks.

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